Liberty Clubhouse

Welcome to the Liberty Clubhouse
Promoting Liberty in Massachusetts since 2007!

It's time - the final celebration at the Liberty Clubhouse

Friday - February 20th, from 6:30 - 8:30
Come meet some old friends, and make some new friends
Champion of Liberty awards handed out that evening

Thank you to all that have supported the past 7 years at the Liberty Clubhouse.
The building is being sold, but the spirit of Liberty remains alive.

 Help Massachusetts Liberty Supporters and Activists ORGANIZE and MOBILIZE when needed to PRODUCE RESULTS!

The Liberty Grassroots continues to organically grow and win elections BUT
It is IMPERATIVE that there be a statewide communication network, to send out TIMELY and INFORMATIVE emails with ACTION ITEMS about campaign updates, ballot questions, legislative votes, and other important news!  
Are you sick of SIGN-HOLDING and DONATING just to see your favorite candidate LOSE???  
It's time to ORGANIZE EFFECTIVELY (and utilize voter history and databases) to WIN.

In 2013, the most important action that YOU can perform to promote Liberty is to JOIN your local Republican Town Committee (or Democratic Town Committee).
Independents are ignored, you can only get your Liberty voice heard by joining a party, and actively attending meetings where candidates and issues are decided.
Join or Die

In Liberty,